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We are Jess and Luke. A young, dynamic duo hellbent on saving the bees!

We have been urban beekeepers for five years. In 2016 we travelled the world learning about bees from beekeepers all over the world. We visited as many countries as we could get our sticky, honey covered hands on learning about the prevention of disease, crop pollination and honey extraction. 

We aim to increase New Zealand’s bee population by supplying healthy, happy hives to urban areas and to educate our future generation on the importance of keeping our little workers around. We are so passionate about educating the young ones that we are supplying the hives to schools for free!!

Urban areas are the new 'hip' place for bees to live... seem strange? The nasty agricultural pesticides used on commercial farms are no good for our buzzy little buddies. The urban environment provides a sweet flower-filled haven ... all thanks to Mr. Jones in number 7 who is absolutely obsessed with his roses!

WHY CHOOSE US: We rescue bee swarms before the exterminator is called in and re-home them. So you will have rescue bees!  We are both experienced beekeepers who’s passion drives our business. We are American Foulbrood certified (AFB) which means that no nasty diseases can harm your hive. We as a company, humans and more importantly Kiwis are committed to helping the honeybees and NOT chasing that ‘Manuka honey dollar’ to line ones pocket!

Our goal is to one day have healthy beehives in every Urban area in New Zealand! Wish us good luck by hitting like on our FB and/or Insta page. The links are below.