where do bees find food in the city? 

You will be surprised how much food there is in the city for bees! Did you know that bees will fly up to 5km to find food! Auckland city has many parks, gardens and residential gardens that urban bees will forage from. The city is a haven for bees because there is a wide variety of flora to choose from. Gardens are not heavily treated with pesticides, compared to the countryside where crops are of one variety and are heavily treated with chemicals. 

will the bees sting me or people working on the roof? 

It is very unlikely that a bee will sting you. Bees give up their lives when they sting so they will only sting if they feel they are in danger. This is usually when it you try and take their food (honey) or hurt their queen. Bees are only interested in collecting food and looking after their babies. We do like to take precautions so on every site we put caution signs up to warn workers that there are bees on the rooftop. If a sting occurs and someone is allergic, call the ambulance and keep an epipen handy.

If you have found a bee swarm call us and we will remove it for free! You are a LEGEND for calling us and not the exterminator! 

Call: 021 203 3612 - Jessie

I've found a swarm of bees! What do I do?  

what do bees do for the enviroment? 

Bees are responsible for one third of the world's food because of the awesome job they do at pollinating. Without bees we would be living on grains and rice, imagine that!  Bees need our help and we need theirs! 

Loads of ways! Have a look in to the following ways to help your local bee population.

Solitary bee wall, plant bee friendly plants, encourage local community garden to plant more bee-friendly plants, drinking station for bees (especially if you have a pool and notice lots of dead bees in it). TIP: Bees are attracted to blue and purple flowers! 

A simple Google search of the following titles will help you understand the topics better.

What can I do in my garden to support bees? 

Once a month. But sometimes more depending on the season. 


We have 3 packages to choose from and they can be viewed here on our website. We deliver the honey to you in beautifully labeled jars at the end of the season ( December - March). It's up to you to how you use the honey made on your rooftop! 

how much honey will we get? 

We will send you an invoice, we kindly ask that your hive is paid for in full before we install it. Each year we will contact you when your contract is up and payment is next due. 

how do I pay? 

As you know we rescue bees before the exterminator is called in. We then bring those bees to the Bee Sanctuary at Bethells Beach (our home for 33 years) to make sure they have full tummies, are healthy, have no nasty diseases and a happy queen. Once they are humming happily we put them up top. 

what is the bethells beach bee sanctuary?