THIS IS HOW WE ARE GIVING BACK - free bees for schools!



We want to help educate children so that they see bees as a vital part of our eco-system, and remove the stigma that they should be scared of bees. We are such strong believers that children need to be educated on the importance of the honeybee as a pollinator and healthy hives - that's why we want to install FREE beehives in schools.

With every 10 hives purchased, BEESUPTOP will gift 1 hive to a school. We will give a presentation to the school when we deliver it and give your students the chance to join in on the monthly inspections that we do. In addition, 10kgs of the honey produced at your school will be given to your school.


If you would like your school to have a bee hive please contact us. 

We also have the option to buy now if you are eager to get your bees at your school asap!